Our Process

Here at N2N we have our own way of dealing with the different processes that are required to create a fully functioning website. We follow 3 main steps which are;


We work with you in order to gain an idea of what the requirements for your company’s website are and collect any necessary imagery for your site. We then use the information that you provide us with, in order to create a design based around your requirements.



We present you with our initial ideas and ask for you to suggest any changes or improvements that you feel need to be included to the original design. We then discuss with you how we will implement these required changes into the design and ensure that the design is completed to the standard you require.


Managed Hosting

We present you with the finalized design and ask again if there are any further changes and improvements that you wish to be made. If there are then we continue to carry out the changes until you are completely happy with the design. When you are completely satisfied with what we have created, we will push the site live so that it is then viewable to the public on the Internet. We also provide a safe platform from which to host your site at minimal costs, and we will also continue to ensure that your site stays in a secure and healthy state. If any content needs to be updated in the future, or you feel that changes need to be made we are able to update the site until you are 100% satisfied with it.