3 Million iPads sold to date

June 23, 2010

You’ve got to hand it to Apple. They’ve sold 3M iPads since its launch in America only 3 months ago.

However, I suspect that figure will be eclipsed by the release of the iPhone 4 tomorrow. And I’ve no doubt that many of those rushing for the new device will already have an iPhone.

But as impressive as these sales figures are it’s easy for Apple to achieve high sales volumes with such a limited product range. After all they only have one or two models on sale at any one point. Compare that to the range of other smart phones – and bear in mind that the other vendors do not release their phones simultaneously.

I suppose the iPad is different as it’s trying to create a market for a device rather than a device for market but if one company elevates the value of a product higher that anyone else it’s Apple. But will other vendors succeed? I hope so because a competitive market pushes development and it’s only since other smart phone manufacturers [notably Google Android] starting matching Apples feature set that it raised its game.

I suspect, as with most things in life, only time will tell.