A new release of Zbot malware targets banking websites.

July 13, 2010

It seems that latest release of the Zeus Bot malware, known as  ZBot, has been configured to target financial sites in Germany, Spain, USA and the UK.  Most of the ZBot servers are hosted from Russia and are attacking the top 4 due to the volume of people who use online banking services.

This malicious application is designed to steal personal information including bank details and does so by logging your keystrokes.

It is primarily spread through “drive-by” downloads (download that occur without your knowledge) and target mainly toward Windows XP machines.

N2N advise that you keep you security software up to date and ensure you take every precaution when browsing the web.

Get protected

If you are a home user then there are a multitude of free antivirus software vendors.  Our personal favourite is Avira AntiVir Personal which can easily be downloaded from the excellent File Hippo.[]

It is very fast and uses a lot less resource than other free Antivirus software.  The only annoyance, and this is mild, is the huge pop-up advert every time it updates to the newest virus patterns – a small price to pay for free software.