Abode fixes security bug in PDF Reader

June 30, 2010

Adobe has finally patched a bug in its PDF reader which could allow malicious software to be installed onto your PC.

Whilst security patches are rolled out every quarter, this particular patch is significant enough that Adobe released this two weeks early.

This security update fixes a problem with the authplay.dll component in the 9.x version of Reader and Acrobat that has been exploited in the wild.  In addition, 16 other critical flaws are fixed that could allow an attacker to execute malicious code, including many memory corruption vulnerabilities and several invalid pointer bugs.

Under Attack

Earlier this year, Adobe PDF Reader overtook MIcrosoft Word as the most attacked application.

So we urge everyone to update because the internet now plays an important role in our daily activity and it’s so easy to get caught out.  Also, with the browser vendors bolstering their defences, the criminal gangs will continue to exploit the weakest link.

You can get full details of the security update in the release notes on the Adobe support site.

Get the updates

If you are running Windows then update is here.

Mac users can get the update here.