Apple set for emergency press conference

July 16, 2010

Apple has called an emergency press conference and it is rumoured to be related to the debacle over the alleged death grip that has affected the iPhone 4.

This follows on from the release yesterday of the new 4.0.1 firmware which is said to fix the mystery signal strength issue; a problem which apple deny but blame on an incorrect algorithm used to calculate the actual signal received.

But I’d like to know how many people have actual experienced this issue.  Has Apple allowed this to go one just to perpetuate media interest? All the recent big tech stories have all revolved around Steve and his business activities with other stories gaining no real media interest.  Has the tide turned?  There must be plenty of users that have just not seen or experienced this issue.

Or maybe Apple is set to make an announcement today – the new iPhone 5. Remarkably identical to the iPhone 4 but has the same financial impact and hype of the iPhone 4.

However, whilst it is easy to take a pop a Apple, and let’s face it Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft, Adobe have all had their stab at it, I would be mighty impressed if they did fix the issue.