BT Broadband Problems

January 20, 2012

So tried to work this morning and BT appear to have a major broadband problem, specifically around Business Broadband connectivity.

With BT Broadband down it is not so much of a problem as we’ve got a 3G connection to fill the gap but what bugs me is the lack of communication. Having written previously about poor communication from BT, once again there’s a no useful information.

The BT Service Status site simple says:

“Some Business customers may currently be experiencing problems connecting to their Broadband service.

We are currently experiencing high call volumes and you may have some difficulty speaking to an advisor. Please continue to visit this site or call our Service Status line on 0800 169 0199 for further updates.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience”

I called the dedicated “Infinity for Business” helpline (0800 169 3809) and there’s not a dot of information appended to the “We are very busy at the moment” message.

To add insult to injury BT kindly advise that you “check” and browse the many pages dedicated to solving you issue. Thanks but how exactly can I check the BT site when the line to the internet is down!


I found more information on Twitter from other suppliers but none from BT.

BT. As a communication company this is simply not good enough.