iPhone Fraud rises

February 16, 2010

Honesty appears to go out of the roof for many iPhone users as they don't what to be seen with last years model.  The insurance industry saw a 50% rise in claims following the release of the lasted iPhone.

Carmi Korine, director of Supercover Insurance, said:

''While most customers take out insurance because they value their iPhone, we started to notice increases in claims as new and upgraded iPhones were launched.

''For short periods around new model or upgrade launches, claims for lost, stolen or damaged iPhones go through the roof.

''The issue appears to be that most iPhone owners can only go for so long realising that they're a generation behind the latest must-have spec before they resort to extreme measures.''

Hammer time

“iPhones, like most mobile phones, are actually very difficult to damage,” says Supercover. One dodgy claimant apparently said he had ran over his iPhone with his car but the insurance research team pieced together the device and it had been hit by at least six hammer blows.

Let be Fair

Now it's a known fact insurance fraud is carried out on a regular basis but the difference here is that this is occurring only when a new model is release.  Most destructive fraud happens when an object looks tired of dated.  Do existing iPhone users believe their product is hugely outdated after just one year?

Now many of you may feel this is unfair but ask yourself this.  How many Apple users have a stack of unwanted old models lying in a drawer?