Is a Carrier Pigeon faster than Broadband? it appears so…

September 17, 2010

The BBC has carried out a an experiment to see if a Pigeon could carry a five minute video message held on a memory stick quicker than uploading via BT’s Broadband service.

Rory the pigeon took about 80 minutes to get from Beverley to Wrangle, leaving the computer still running.

And the computer had only uploaded 30%.


But in Basingstoke we’re lucky because we have BT infinity so it’s much better…BT told me.  However, this service seems to exhibit issues and I suspect it’s down to BT throttling the traffic.

When I download large files from the internet all seems fine but all of a sudden it drops to 12kbs.  My modem was quicker than that.

Also, connections to a website do not seem as quick as they should be.  The first connection seems to take ages and this is typically DNS issues but again, are BT intercepting the initial connection through it’s notorious Phorm system; the system designed to track what we do and then aggregate into a beautiful profile they can sell onto the highest bidder.