Support for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 expires in July 2010

May 14, 2010

From July 13 2010, any windows XP machine running Service Pack 2 will no longer receive ANY security updates.  

Microsoft are advising all customer to update to Windows 7 but a simple upgrade to Service Pack 3 will ensure you get continued support right up to April 2014.  By this point, the operating system will be nearly 13 years old having been released in August 2001.

Microsoft typically give 24 months support for any service release but due to the poor uptake in Windows Vista has offered extended support – mainly to pacify the huge corporate market that couldn't see any reason to upgrade.  It is reckoned that 50% of WIndows XP machine in the world are still stuck on Service Pack 2.

Check you Service Pack

To check the service pack you have on your Windows XP PC,

  1. Click "Start" and then select "Control Panel".
  2. If you have a blue background with "Pick Category" then click the "Performance and Maintenance"  and then click the  "System" icon.
  3. If you have a white background, double click the "System" icon.
  4. You should now see on the General Tab which service pack you have.

To upgrade, go to the Windows Update service at Microsoft and follow the instructions. 

Alternatively, download the full Windows XP Service Pack 3 update from Microsoft and follow the on screen instructions.