Windows Phone 7 Series

February 15, 2010

It's hard to believe that it has taken the worlds biggest software developer three years to play catchup to the modern smartphone OS revolution.  The public preview of the Widows Phone 7 Series certainly raised a few eyebrows and we once again were told that "it's the most groundbreaking phone since the iPhone".

Now that Microsoft have finally created a smartphone that can compete it seems we are destined for a fight between the top three; Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The interesting thing about the whole "phone" race is the consumer's relationship with the mobile phone.  Until the iPhone many offered various gimmicks but they were just that…gimmicks.  The iPhone changed all of that by making access to online data quick and simple.  Can Microsoft do the same?

Is there an App for that

Much of the success of the new device is going to rest on how well people can develop and deliver applications.  Apple revolutionised mobile applications by making it as simple as press one button on the screen.

Now whilst may of the applications are junk people still loved it.  For the Windows Phone 7 to be a success it must also offer this type of instant gratification.