Yet another facebook bug.

May 22, 2010

It has not been a good week for Facebook as another bug allows a malicious hacker to remove their friends.  You do need to be tricked into clicking a link but with the prolific spread of spam through the site that part is easy.  Click the link and the next thing you have no friends.

Facebook thought they’d fixed the issue but this exploit uses the exact same technique that appeared earlier in the week.

These security issues put the increasing pressure on the site as it has received increasing pressure for not protecting the user’s security and for sharing user data with its advertisers.
In a poll by Sophos, more than half of Facebook’s members are considering quitting the site in line with the campaign proclaiming May 31 as Quit Facebook Day.

But as I have said before, if everyone moves from Facebook another site becomes more popular and becomes the target because the Criminal gangs will always attack the largest group of users.

by Neale Killick