Virus Removal

Anti Virus Solutions

So your system becomes infected with a virus, and has a drastic affect on your companies network, what do you do? The answer is, YOU shouldn’t have to do a thing.

By working with us at N2N, we help to keep your system safe and protected. We work to implement various solutions in order to prevent viruses from finding a way into your system. We help to put in place things such as daily virus scans and malware scans in order to ensure that you have a safe network.

We also help rid your system of any viruses that currently exist, and help to retain any data lost if possible. Also we will work to  return your system back to a working state and also offer to install any necessary programmes that may have been corrupted. During this process, we also aim to educate our customers so that you are more aware as to the threats viruses can pose, and also so you can detect future signs of a possible virus.