Broadband Setup

If you are having issues with your broadband connection or just want to switch provider then don’t worry as we are here to help.
We can even setup your broadband for the whole household to share.

Our Service

We offer two levels of service

  • Standard Service – covering a fixed service delivery with certain exclusions
  • Premium Service – where we provide a fixed quotation for work that may include supplying additional equipment

Both services involve visiting your house but we DO NOT charge a call out fee within our standard coverage area.

Standard Service


Our standard service comes as a fixed package and includes:

  • Come to your house at a time that suits you.
  • Configure the broadband router internet connection. You are required to supply the credentials for your Internet Service Provider.
  • Set up the internal network for one PC to connect.
  • Enable Device Passwords.
  • Provide full documentation of the Network and Security Settings after the visit.


The follow exclusions apply to the standard service.

  • Supplying additional hardware require including the wireless access point or router.
  • Configuring wireless networking
  • Resolving existing hardware and software issues.
  • Business or Commercial installations
  • Ongoing support.

Premium Service

Our premium service covers the standard service offering but without the exclusions.  In this instance we always provide a fixed quotation before we start work.

So if you do need more computers configured, wireless networking or require us to supply the equipment then this is the service for you.

Internet Broadband Problems

There are various problems with broadband internet but the most common issues we see are:

  • Cannot connect to the Internet at all
  • The Internet is slow
  • My connection intermittent and keeps dropping
  • I appear to be connected but cannot surf the web
  • You want to switch service provider.

We are able to solve all these problems, and more complex issues you may have, quickly and efficiently making it cost effective for you.  We will have you connected in no time. Call us directly or email us if you are having problems with your broadband.

What about my Service Provider?

We can speak to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) on your behalf ensuring that they do not offload their responsibility to you.  Some ISP’s talk  “tech speak” making you feel technically incompetent but the reality is it’s not your position to be the expert; that is their job.

In this situation we can relay the “real” issue ensuring you get the most from your ISP.

How do I Switch my Broadband Service Provider?

Another common request we see is that as a savvy consumer you want to get the best value with respect to your Broadband.  But often in the “new customers only” world of service it’s better to change provider rather than negotiate a better deal with your existing supplier.

In this instance we can help you move from your existing supplier to a newer one.  This may involve:

  • Backing up your email
  • Changing your ADSL modem settings
  • Reconfiguring your mail account settings

However small or large the job we will make the transition simple and smooth.  Please call for FREE advice or simply email us if you are interested in moving service provider .

How can I share my Internet Broadband?

By using a Broadband Router, we can setup your internet connection so everybody in the house can use the same connection.  We can connect you using a wired network or through a secure wireless network.  We have outlined the Pros and Cons for wired vs wireless on our Home Networking page.

Common Problems Explained

As outline above, the common issues we see are:

There are many contributing factors to all these problems but a thorough assessment of your specific issue enables us to resolve and fix the problem.

Cannot connect

Connection problems usually revolve around four factors:

The last two issues are very easy to fix on our first visit.  We always carry spare equipment, either a replacement or a loan, so we can get you up and running.

However, if we encounter any issues with the line, we will inevitably have to speak to the line provider and are subject to their Service Level Agreements.  That said, we push extra hard to make sure the ISP faces their duty to provide a satisfactory service.

BT or Cable Line fault

Line faults are mostly the result of a bad line between your house and the BT or Cable providers telephone exchange – typically known as the Last Mile.  The quality of this line is determined by the distance from you telephone exchange because the further away you are the further a signal has to travel and the more the signal strength drops.

Another contributing factor is noise.  Noise is a result of a bad connection somewhere.  This may be anywhere between your house and the exchange.  If your line crackles then chances are the noise on your line interferes with the Broadband signal.

We can check the Signal Strength and Noise Levels on your line and then speak to your ISP to sort them out.

ADSL or Cable Modem

Sometimes connection problems are caused directly by your hardware.  This may be:

  • the micro-filter (known as a splitter or DSL filter) on the ADSL line,
  • the internal wiring on your house phone
  • your internet modem or router.

We always carry spare equipment, so can either replace your equipment there and then or loan you a spare whilst you source your own.  This makes sure we can get you up and running as fast as possible.

Broadband Authentication

The two common broadband services – Cable or ADSL – use different methods to authenticate your connection to the internet

  • Cable – typically uses a “MAC Address” to connect to the internet
  • ADSL – normally uses a user name and password for authentication

We are able to verify, in conjunction with your ISP, and configure the correct settings for you equipment so you are back online.

I can’t connect

In some instances you are not able to connect to the internet but other people in the house can.  This is normally:

  • A network configuration issue on your PC or Laptop
  • An issue with your home network

A network configuration issue with your laptop results in your PC not connecting to your home network.  Our expertise with home networking, including secure wireless, means we can identify the source of the problem, fix it and get you back online.

Internet is Slow

This has to be the most common question asked and there are many reasons:

  • You may be signed up to a slow deal with your ISP
  • The quality of the phone line to your house
  • The quality of the phone wiring in your house
  • Your router or modem may be to blame – higher quality hardware can improve your speed
  • The time of day. It’s always slower in the evening because everyone is at home
  • It may be your computer.  Our System Health Check service can help identify the problem.
  • Other computers in your house.  If someone else is downloading large files.  Our Internet Security service will help greatly.

A quick home visit will enable use to identify the cause of your problem.  Whether it’s a line problem or a wiring issue, we can get you up to speed with the best possible internet connection available.

Intermittent Connection

If the connection drop effects everyone in the house then it’s likely to be a problem with your broadband router or modem.  The contributing factors are either the modem/router, your home phone wiring or the cable/ADSL line coming into the house.

The problem could also be the result of an issue with your computer. We can check your PC over with our System Health Check service.

I Cannot surf the web

In some instances your PC is connected to the web but you are unable to browse to any web sites.  This is most certainly a problem with you Domain Name System (DNS).  DNS is the system that converts a web server name like into a number (IP Address) that the computer can understand.  If your DNS settings are not correct or are not responding then you cannot resolve the names of Internet servers and therefore your computer cannot connect.

We can talk you through the problem or make a simple home visit to solve you problem.  Feel free to call us so we can help.