Managed Hosting

We intend to make all aspects of the build as easy and as stress free for you as possible, and this will continue even after your website has been finalized and pushed live. 

Managing Your Site

With a managed approach you are given your own designated web server in order to host your site, however you will not be given full control over this. This is to ensure that you make no changes to the server itself or the configuration of the server, to eliminate problems. You are able to connect to the server via FTP in order to manage your site, however we can also do this for you.


We will ensure that your website receives all the necessary updates to keep it in working order, and to ensure the safety and security of your  site. Any updates to the content/structure of the site can also be achieved by requesting that we make these changes, we are able to model the site on the exact design that you want, so if there are any future improvements that you wish to be made then this can be achieved.

Proactive Monitoring

It shouldn’t be your job to worry about the health and security of your website, so we provide proactive monitoring in order to allow you to focus on your business. We will monitor your website behind the scenes to eliminate the chance of any irresolvable problems arising.

Around the Clock

As your dedicated server will be constantly monitored 24hours a day, every day, your server is guaranteed 100% uptime, this limits the chance for any system downtime, and means that people will be able to access your website at whatever point throughout the day.