Non Disclosure

In consideration Confidential Information we undertake that we:

1. Shall treat Confidential Information disclosed by whatever means as being strictly private and confidential

2. Shall take all reasonable measures to maintain its status as such

3. Shall not at any time disclose or allow access to the Confidential Information by any person other than;

3.1. Those of our directors who require knowledge of the Confidential Information by Law

3.2. When requested by a legal entity, such as the Police,but only if required by law to prevent or detect crime or catch or prosecute a suspect.

3.3. Any other person You approve in writing in advance.

4. Shall maintain a record of entities or persons to whom any Confidential Information together with the actual information disclosed to them, and that this record is made available to You upon request;

5. Shall not reproduce the Confidential Information or any part thereof in any format or media except with Your prior written consent, and We shall whenever requested by You, immediately return or require the immediate return to You of all matter in tangible form which is part of the Confidential Information and that all copies (whether made by us or a third party) will be destroyed. On Your request.

6. Shall not disclose to any third party (except as under section 3).

7. Confirm that if we conduct any analysis of Your Property including the organisation of data on Your Property, the content, other technical and non-technical features, we shall not use or cause to be used the information so collected.

8. Shall notify you promptly upon becoming aware of any unauthorised disclosure, copying, use or loss of all or any part of the Confidential Information and we accept that we shall be responsible for any breach of any of the terms of this Undertaking by us or those persons to whom we provide the Confidential Information.

9. Shall destory any eletronic data, collected for protection against failure, within a period of 14 days.

This Undertaking is governed by English Law and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.